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Latest weather observations around

Admiralty Inlet Area

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Location Time (PDT) Sky/Weather Temp. (°F) Dewpt. (°F) Humidity (%) Wind (mph) Pressure (inHg)
Whidbey Island, Naval Air Station 11:56 Partly Cloudy 62°F 54°F 75 WNW 6 30.22
CW1035 Seattle 12:53 Clear °F °F N/A  
CW5456 Hansville 12:50 Clear °F °F N/A  
CW8405 Kingston 12:52 Clear °F °F N/A  
EW4322 Freeland 12:46 Clear 68°F 59°F 74 SSE 3 30.17
EW5131 Port Townsend 12:52 Clear °F °F N/A  
Port Townsend Jefferson County International Airport 12:35 Clear 72°F 59°F 65 SW 5 30.18
Diamond Point 12:52 Clear °F °F N/A  

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