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Latest weather observations around

Everett and Vicinity

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Location Time (PDT) Sky/Weather Temp. (°F) Dewpt. (°F) Humidity (%) Wind (mph) Pressure (inHg)
Everett Snohomish County 02:13 Mostly Cloudy 59°F 57°F 93 SE 13 29.85
Pt Wells (Univ. of Washington) 14:14   58°F 50°F 74 N/A  
DW2629 Snohomish 02:15 Clear 60°F °F E 3 29.81
DW9622 Snohomish 02:10 Clear 57°F 56°F 95 Calm 29.83
EW6774 Machias 02:24 Clear 59°F 57°F 94 SE 1 29.86
SR 522 at Main St 02:00 Clear 60°F 58°F 95 N/A 29.86

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