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Latest weather observations around

Santa Clara Valley Including San Jose

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Location Time (PDT) Sky/Weather Temp. (°F) Dewpt. (°F) Humidity (%) Wind (mph) Pressure (inHg)
San Jose, San Jose International Airport 00:06 Cloudy 54°F 51°F 90 Calm 29.9
CW2750 San Jose 00:06 Clear 51°F 46°F 84 Calm  
CW2789 San Jose 00:10 Clear °F °F N/A  
CW2978 Los Altos 00:08 Clear 52°F 50°F 94 Calm 29.86
CW4787 Gilroy 00:08 Clear 52°F 50°F 92 ESE 1 29.89
San Jose / Reid / Hillv 21:50 Mostly Cloudy 54°F 50°F 88 Calm 29.89
LOS ALTOS 23:10 Clear 50°F 49°F 95 WSW 1  
WB6AHC-1 San Jose 00:04 Clear 52°F 50°F 92 Calm  
WB6DHP Saratoga 12:20 Clear °F °F N 2  
N2RDT Los Gatos 00:07 Clear 44°F 43°F 96 Calm 29.81
CW1792 Saratoga 00:07 Clear 52°F 50°F 93 Calm 29.89
CW4115 Santa Clara 00:03 Clear 53°F 48°F 84 Calm 29.84
Gilroy-9th Street 12:00 Clear 54°F 51°F 90 ESE 4  
San Martin 13:00 Clear 58°F °F S 8  

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