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Location Time (PDT) Sky/Weather Temp. (°C) Dewpt. (°C) Humidity (%) Wind (kph) Pressure (hPa)
Emigrant Gap, Blue Canyon Nyack Airport 02:52 Clear 21°C 2°C 28 SSE 5 1022.7
BEN BOLT 02:59 Clear 16°C 9°C 63 NE 2  
Sacramento, Sacramento Mather Airport 02:45 Clear 16°C 13°C 82 SSE 11 1013.2
Modesto, Modesto City-County-Sham Field 02:53 Clear 18°C 14°C 76 NNW 11 1012.9
Stockton, Stockton Metropolitan Airport 02:55 Clear 17°C 13°C 78 N 5 1013.2
Sacramento International Airport 02:53 Clear 17°C 13°C 78 SSE 17 1012.5
Truckee-Tahoe 03:15 Clear °C 2°C Calm  
South Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe Airport 02:53 Clear 9°C 3°C 66 Calm 1024.7
PILOT HILL 02:56 Clear 16°C 10°C 68 N/A  
READER RANCH 03:13 Clear 19°C 8°C 47 NE 5  
SECRET TOWN 02:28 Clear °C 7°C N/A  

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