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Location Time (CDT) Sky/Weather Temp. (°F) Dewpt. (°F) Humidity (%) Wind (mph) Pressure (inHg)
Huntsville, Huntsville International / Jones Field 22:53 Clear 78°F 68°F 71 SE 3 30.02
Winchester Municipal Airport 23:15 Clear 70°F 66°F 88 Calm 30.04
Huntsville, Madison County Executive Airport 22:50 Clear 71°F 68°F 91 Calm 30.03
Decatur, Pryor Field 22:53 Clear 72°F 66°F 82 E 3 30.02
Fayetteville Municipal Airport 23:15 Clear 73°F 63°F 69 Calm 30.03
Redstone Airfield 17:58 Clear 92°F 62°F 36 Calm 29.95

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