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Weather Forecast Office Product Listing

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Identifier Product Description
ABV Rawinsonde Data Above 100 Millibars
ADA Alarm/Alert Administrative Msg
ADM Alert Administrative Message
ADR NWS Administrative Message
ADV Generic Space Environment Advisory
AFD Area Forecast Discussion
AFM Area Forecast Matrices
AFP Area Forecast Product
AFW Fire Weather Matrix
AGF Agricultural Forecast
AGO Agricultural Observations
ALT Space Environment Alert
AQA Air Quality Alert
AQI Air Quality Index Statement
ASA Air Stagnation Advisory
AVA Avalanche Watch
AVW Avalanche Warning
AWO Area Weather Outlook
AWS Area Weather Summary
AWU Area Weather Update
AWW Airport Weather Warning
BOY Buoy Report
BRG Coast Guard Observations
BRT Hourly Roundup for Weather Radio
CAE Child Abduction Emergency
CAP Common Alerting Protocol
CCF Coded City Forecast
CDW Civil Danger Warning
CEM Civil Emergency Message
CF6 WFO Monthly/Daily Climate Data
CFP Convective Forecast Product
CFW Coastal Flood Warnings/Watches/Statements
CGR Coast Guard Surface Report
CHG Computer Hurricane Guidance
CLA Climatological Report (Annual)
CLI Climatological Report (Daily)
CLM Climatological Report (Monthly)
CLQ Climatological Report (Quarterly)
CLS Climatological Report (Seasonal)
CLT Climate Report
CMM Coded Climatological Monthly Means
COD Coded Analysis and Forecasts
CPF Great Lakes Port Forecast
CUR Routine Space Environment Products
CWA Center (CWSU) Weather Advisory
CWF Coastal Waters Forecast
CWS Center (CWSU) Weather Statement
DAY Routine Space Environment Product (Daily)
DDO Daily Dispersion Outlook
DGT Drought Information Statement
DSA Unnumbered Depression / Suspicious Area Advisory
DSM ASOS Daily Summary
EFP 3 To 5 Day Extended Forecast
EOL Average 6 To 10 Day Weather Outlook (Local)
EQI Tsunami Bulletin
EQR Earthquake Report
EQW Earthquake Warning
ESF Flood Potential Outlook
ESG Extended Streamflow Guidance
ESP Extended Streamflow Prediction
ESS Water Supply Outlook
EVI Evacuation Immediate
EWW Extreme Wind Warning
FA0 Aviation Area Forecasts (Pacific)
FA1 Aviation Area Forecasts (Northeast)
FA2 Aviation Area Forecasts (Southeast)
FA3 Aviation Area Forecasts (North Central)
FA4 Aviation Area Forecasts (South Central)
FA5 Aviation Area Forecasts (Rocky Mountains)
FA6 Aviation Area Forecasts (West Coast)
FA7 Aviation Area Forecasts (Juneau, AK)
FA8 Aviation Area Forecasts (Anchorage, AK)
FA9 Aviation Area Forecasts (Fairbanks, AK)
FD0 24 Hr Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)
FD1 6 Hour Winds Aloft Forecast
FD2 12 Hour Winds Aloft Forecast
FD3 24 Hour Winds Aloft Forecast
FD4 Winds Aloft Forecast
FD5 Winds Aloft Forecast
FD6 Winds Aloft Forecast
FD7 Winds Aloft Forecast
FD8 6 Hour Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)
FD9 12 Hr Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)
FDI Fire Danger Indices
FFA Flash Flood Watch
FFG Flash Flood Guidance
FFH Headwater Guidance
FFS Flash Flood Statement
FFW Flash Flood Warning
FLN National Flood Summary
FLS Flood Statement
FLW Flood Warning
FOF Upper Wind Fallout Forecast
FRW Fire Warning
FSH Natl Marine Fisheries Administrative Service Message
FTM WSR-88D Radar Outage Notification / Free Text Message
FTP FOUS Prog Max/Min Temp/Pop Guidance
FWA Fire Weather Administrative Message
FWD Fire Weather Outlook Discussion
FWF Routine Fire Wx Fcst (With/Without 6-10 Day Outlook)
FWL Land Management Forecasts
FWM Miscellaneous Fire Weather Product
FWN Fire Weather Notification
FWO Fire Weather Observation
FWS Suppression Forecast
FZL Freezing Level Data (RADAT)
GLF Great Lakes Forecast
GLS Great Lakes Storm Summary
HD1 RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD2 RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD3 RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD4 RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD7 RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD8 RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD9 RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HLS Hurricane Local Statement
HMD Hydrometeorological Discussion
HMW Hazardous Materials Warning
HP1 RFC QPF Verification Product
HP2 RFC QPF Verification Product
HP3 RFC QPF Verification Product
HP4 RFC QPF Verification Product
HP5 RFC QPF Verification Product
HP6 RFC QPF Verification Product
HP7 RFC QPF Verification Product
HP8 RFC QPF Verification Product
HRR Weather Roundup
HSF High Seas Forecast
HWO Hazardous Weather Outlook
HWR Hourly Weather Roundup
HYD Daily Hydrometeorological Products
HYM Monthly Hydrometeorological Plain Language Product
ICE Ice Forecast
IDM Ice Drift Vectors
IOB Ice Observation
KPA Keep Alive Message
LAE Local Area Emergency
LCD Preliminary Local Climatological Data
LCO Local Cooperative Observation
LEW Law Enforcement Warning
LFP Local Forecast
LKE Lake Stages
LLS Low-Level Sounding
LOW Low Temperatures
LSR Local Storm Report
LTG Lightning Data
MAN Rawinsonde Observation Mandatory Levels
MAP Mean Areal Precipitation
MAW Amended Marine Forecast
MIM Marine Interpretation Message
MIS Miscellaneous Local Product
MOB MOB Observations
MON Routine Space Environment Product Issued Monthly
MRP Techniques Development Laboratory Marine Product
MSM ASOS Monthly Summary Message
MTR METAR Formatted Surface Weather Observation
MTT METAR Test Message
MVF Marine Verification Coded Message
MWS Marine Weather Statement
MWW Marine Weather Message
NOU Weather Reconnaisance Flights
NOW Short Term Forecast
NOX Data Mgt Message
NPW Non-Precipitation Warnings / Watches / Advisories
NSH Nearshore Marine Forecast
NUW Nuclear Power Plant Warning
NWR NOAA Weather Radio Forecast
OAV Other Aviation Products
OBS Observations
OFA Offshore Aviation Area Forecast
OFF Offshore Forecast
OMR Other Marine Products
OPU Other Public Products
OSO Other Surface Observations
OSW Ocean Surface Winds
OUA Other Upper Air Data
OZF Zone Forecast
PFM Point Forecast Matrices
PFW Fire Weather Point Forecast Matrices
PLS Plain Language Ship Report
PMD Prognostic Meteorological Discussion
PNS Public Information Statement
POE Probability of Exceed
PRB Heat Index Forecast Tables
PRC State Pilot Report Collective
PRE Preliminary Forecasts
PSH Post Storm Hurricane Report
PTS Probabilistic Outlook Points
PWO Public Severe Weather Outlook
PWS Tropical Cyclone Probabilities
QPF Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
QPS Quantitative Precipitation Statement
RDF Revised Digital Forecast
REC Recreational Report
RER Record Report
RET EAS Activation Request
RFD Rangeland Fire Danger Forecast
RFI RFI Observation
RFR Route Forecast
RFW Red Flag Warning
RHW Radiological Hazard Warning
RNS Rain Information Statement
RR1 Hydro-Met Data Report Part 1
RR2 Hydro-Met Data Report Part 2
RR3 Hydro-Met Data Report Part 3
RR4 Hydro-Met Data Report Part 4
RR5 Hydro-Met Data Report Part 5
RR6 Hydro-Met Data Report Part 6
RR7 Hydro-Met Data Report Part 7
RR8 Hydro-Met Data Report Part 8
RR9 Hydro-Met Data Report Part 9
RRA Automated Hydrologic Observation Sta Report (AHOS)
RRM Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data
RRY ASOS SHEF Hourly Routine Test Message
RSD Daily Snotel Data
RSM Monthly Snotel Data
RTP Regional Max/Min Temp and Precipitation Table
RVA River Summary
RVD Daily River Forecasts
RVF River Forecast
RVI River Ice Statement
RVM Miscellaneous River Product
RVR River Recreation Statement
RVS River Statement
RWR Regional Weather Roundup
RWS Regional Weather Summary
SAB Special Avalanche Bulletin
SAF Speci Agri Wx Fcst / Advisory / Flying Farmer Fcst Outlook
SAG Snow Avalanche Guidance
SAT APT Prediction
SAW Prelim Notice of Watch & Cancellation Msg (Aviation)
SCC Storm Summary
SCD Supplementary Climatological Data (ASOS)
SCN Soil Climate Analysis Network Data
SCP Satellite Cloud Product
SCS Selected Cities Summary
SDO Supplementary Data Observation (ASOS)
SDS Special Dispersion Statement
SEL Severe Local Storm Watch and Watch Cancellation Msg
SEV SPC Watch Point Information Message
SFP State Forecast
SFT Tabular State Forecast
SGL Rawinsonde Observation Significant Levels
SHP Surface Ship Report at Synoptic Time
SIG International Sigmet / Convective Sigmet
SIM Satellite Interpretation Message
SLS Severe Local Storm Watch and Areal Outline
SMF Smoke Management Weather Forecast
SMW Special Marine Warning
SOO SOO Product
SPE Satellite Precipitation Estimates (TXUS20 KWBC)
SPF Storm Strike Probability Bulletin (TPC)
SPS Special Weather Statement
SPW Shelter in Place Warning
SRF Surf Forecast
SRG Soaring Guidance
SSM Main Synoptic Hour Surface Observation
STA Network and Severe Weather Statistical Summaries
STD Satellite Tropical Disturbance Summary
STO Road Condition Reports (State Agencies)
STP State Max/Min Temperature and Precipitation Table
STQ Spot Forecast Request
SUM Space Weather Message
SVR Severe Thunderstorm Warning
SVS Severe Weather Statement
SWO Severe Storm Outlook Narrative (AC)
SWS State Weather Summary
SYN Regional Weather Synopsis
TAF Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
TAP Terminal Alerting Products
TAV Travelers Forecast Table
TCA Aviation Tropical Cyclone Advisory
TCD Tropical Cyclone Discussion
TCE Tropical Cyclone Position Estimate
TCM Marine/Aviation Tropical Cyclone Advisory
TCP Public Tropical Cyclone Advisory
TCS Satellite Tropical Cyclone Summary
TCU Tropical Cyclone Update
TCV Tropical Cyclone Watch/Warning Break Points
TIB Tsunami Bulletin
TID Tide Report
TMA Tsunami Tide/Seismic Message Acknowledgement
TOE 911 Telephone Outage Emergency
TOR Tornado Warning
TPT Temperature Precipitation Table (Natl and Intnl)
TSU Tsunami Watch/Warning
TUV Weather Bulletin
TVL Travelers Forecast
TWB Transcribed Weather Broadcast
TWD Tropical Weather Discussion
TWO Tropical Weather Outlook and Summary
TWS Tropical Weather Summary
URN Aircraft Reconnaissance
UVI Ultraviolet Index
VAA Volcanic Activity Advisory
VER Forecast Verification Statistics
VFT Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) Verification
VOW Volcano Warning
WA0 Airmet (Pacific)
WA1 Airmet (Northeast)
WA2 Airmet (Southeast)
WA3 Airmet (North Central)
WA4 Airmet (South Central)
WA5 Airmet (Rocky Mountains)
WA6 Airmet (West Coast)
WA7 Airmet (Juneau, AK)
WA8 Airmet (Anchorage, AK)
WA9 Airmet (Fairbanks, AK)
WAR Space Environment Warning
WAT Space Environment Watch
WCN Weather Watch Clearance Notification
WCR Weekly Weather and Crop Report
WDA Weekly Data for Agriculture
WDU Warning Decision Update
WEK Routine Space Environment Product Issued Weekly
WOU Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm Watch
WS1 Sigmet (Northeast)
WS2 Sigmet (Southeast)
WS3 Sigmet (North Central)
WS4 Sigmet (South Central)
WS5 Sigmet (Rocky Mountains)
WS6 Sigmet (West Coast)
WST Tropical Cyclone Sigmet
WSV Volcanic Activity Sigmet
WSW Winter Weather Warnings / Watches / Advisories
WWA Watch Status Report
WWP Severe Thunderstorm / Tornado Watch Probabilities
ZFP Zone Forecast Product