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Sites with Miscellaneous Hydrologic Data (RRM) product data

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Location ID Location Name
AKQ Wakefield, VA
ALY Albany, NY
APX Gaylord, MI
ARX La Crosse, WI
BGM Binghamton, NY
BMX NWS Birmingham, Alabama
BUF Buffalo, NY
BYZ Billings, MT
CLE Cleveland, OH
CRP Corpus Christi, TX
DMX Des Moines, IA
DVN Quad Cities, IA/IL
EWX Austin/San Antonio, TX
GRR Grand Rapids, MI
HFO Honolulu, HI
ICT Wichita, Kansas
ILN Wilmington, OH
IWX Northern Indiana
JAX Jacksonville, FL
JKL Jackson, KY
LCH Lake Charles, LA
LIX New Orleans/Baton Rouge
LMK Louisville, KY
LOT Chicago, IL
LZK Little Rock, AR
MEG Memphis, TN
MFR Medford, OR
MLB Melbourne, FL
OAX Omaha/Valley, NE
OUN Norman, OK
PBZ Pittsburgh, PA
RLX Charleston, WV
SEW Seattle/Tacoma, WA
SGF Springfield, MO
SGX San Diego, CA
SHV Shreveport, LA
TAE Tallahassee, FL
TOP Topeka, KS
TSA Tulsa, OK