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Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF)

Issued by National Weather Service (NWS)

FTUS42 KKEY 260012 AAA
KEYW 260012Z 2600/2624 12015KT P6SM VCSH SCT015 BKN060 OVC080
      TEMPO 2600/2604 11018G25KT 4SM SHRA BKN015 OVC060
     FM260600 13016G25KT 5SM -RA BR VCTS SCT015CB
      TEMPO 2606/2610 2SM -TSRA BKN015CB
     FM261000 13017G26KT 5SM -RA VCTS SCT015CB
      TEMPO 2610/2614 1SM -TSRA BKN015CB
     FM261400 13011G20KT 5SM -RA VCTS OVC015CB PROB30 2614/2620 2SM
      -TSRA BKN025CB=